Salakovac lake

This lake was made on 1981. Its maximum length is 20 km, its size is about 314 hectares, and 40 m deep. Explorations were showed that this ecosystem has 9 types of fishes from 2 kinds; Salmonidae and Cyprinidae: Trout (Salmo trutta m. fario L), (Salmothymus obtusirostris oxyrhynchus Steind.), (Salmo marmoratus Cuv.), californian trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Wal.) and (Salvelinus alpinus L).

From Cyprinidae kind: (Leuciscus svallize svallize Heck. et Kn.), white chub (Leuciscus cephalus albus Bon.), carp (Cyprinus carpio L) and (Alburnus alburnus alborella de Filippi).

Analysing the qualitative essay of the ihtyofauna in artificial lake Salakovac, it was concluded that in this ecosystem lives 3 spieces of authentic and 2 introducted salmonidae.

It is clearly that in Salakovac lake increases the number of the «new» spieces, catfish and zander

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