The World Championship will be organized in five river fishing sectors according to FIPS-Moche regulations. Competition beats spreads on the Una River in Bihać city which is situated on North-West part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Distances from accomodation (Hotel “ADA” Bihać) to sectors:

  1. SEKTOR A “Martin Brod”       48 km-50 min
  2. SEKTOR B “Jelova točila”      46 km-45 min
  3. SEKTOR C “Priboj”                44 km-40 min
  4. SEKTOR D “Kulen Vakuf”      41 km-35 min
  5. SEKTOR E “Kostela”              13 km-20 min

Beats for practice:

–           Una-Ostrovica  40 km-35 min.

–           Jotani-Bihać    4 km-10 min

Reserve sectors:

– Klokot river in Bihać 7 km-15 min

– Sanica river in Ključ  92 km-1 h 20 min.


Competition beats will be organized in 5 sectors which are 1,300 m in length each, and competitors starting places are 120 m in length, without intermediate spaces (with the exception of sector E ”Kostela”). The starting positions are marked with strips both, from the left and from the right side.

During the competition, it is allowed to use all kinds of flies and only with barbless hooks, and weight obstruction larger than the allowed concealed on the nymph and/or streamer while the visible part of the weight shouldn’t exceed 4 mm. The use of eggs and silicone flies is prohibited, and all hunting techniques are permitted. The minimum length of the fish to be scored is 20 cm and all species of fish represented in the Una River are eligible. Only barbless hooks are used for hunting and fish is to be taken out of the water by means of fishnets. All hunting techniques are allowed, and baits based on silicone, eggs are not allowed.

Official practice will be organized, for sectors A, B, C & D in Kulen Vakuf, «Una-Ostrovica» beat, as well as for sector E “Kostela” practice beat «Jotani» in duration of two days in accordance with the programme of the competition.

Reserve sectors are on the rivers of Klokot in Bihać and Sanica in Ključ municipality, which are tributaries of the Una River.

Considering the time of the year and the estimated time of the World Championship, the weather conditions are appropriate for the organization of the competition: sunrise is around 5,40 h a.m. and after 8,00 h p.m the visibility is reduced, so the schedule of the competition is adjusted to these facts, as stated in the Championship Program.

The air temperature on the beats during the World Championship is between 17-25 C0, and the water level of the river is very favorable for the competition at the end of June and beginning of July.

Water levels can be monitored online ON THIS LINK, and water quality of the Una river in Una NP can be monitored ON THIS LINK.

The organization of the World Championship in 5 sectors is optimal in terms of the time required to transport competitors from the hotel to the sectors and return them afterwards to the hotel for night breaks and preparation for the next day of the competition.