The area was settled from at least Illyrian and Roman times, but the town itself was first mentioned in 1260, in a document of King Bela IV. It were these far northwest frontier lands that drew the line between the Ottomans and the Austro-Hungarians.

Bihac is a charming little town centered on the banks of the Una River. The town is teeming with café’s that inevitably gravitate around the beautiful Una. It is more than worth a visit to Bihac or any of the towns that live off these emerald waters.It is a great place for a stop over if you're on your way down to the Adriatic coast just across the border.

Or better yet, to really experience the magic of this body of water – go stay for a few days and visit Una National park, walk along the banks, enjoy fly fishing and raft down its amazing falls, or simply sit and listen to the wise tales water always tells.

Sport Fishermen´s association ‘Una’ Bihać

Just like everywhere else in the world, where people have settled along the waters, since the time of prehistorical tribe Iapodians, fishing is a very traditional activity represented in the population that inhabits the area of Bihac, which remained expressed until today.

The Sport Fishermen´s association “Una” Bihac nourishes such tradition and manages its transition to modern challenges from the first time it was formed as an organized society in 1932 to modern days where fishing is considered as a relevant sport. It also manages part of the river Una in the area of municipality of Bihać and tributaries of river Una, with whole length of around 65 km.

From that date, many members passed through this association, and association has many stories of success from it's long tradition where it participated in numerous tournaments, championships, cups, etc.

National Park ‘Una’

Una National Park is situated in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the territory of Bihac city.
The Park encompasses valley of the river Una, the canyon of the river Unac, right tributary of Una all the way to the river Krka in the west and the orographic slopes of the mountains Pljesevica, Grmeč and Osječenica. This area represents a unique natural complex in this part of Europe, valuable for the preservation of the overall landscape and biological diversity.

Una River is a compound of valuable natural resources, diverse and preserved natural landscapes of exceptional beauty, rich cultural and historical heritage and the local population aware of the values of the area in which they live. Preservation and protection of these values for future generations is a fundamental determinant for sustainable development of authentic local traditional activities such as fishing, hunting, forestry and agriculture.

The same applies to the introduction of new activities such as tourism, recreation, education and scientific research, through which local population builds opportunities for better quality of life and self develops together in harmony with nature.