Official practice beat for sectors A, B, C & D

The official practice beat in Una NP is located in Kulen Vakuf, upstream and downstream of the large bridge. A buffer zone of 300 meters was designated between the competition and training beats. Like competition beats, the practice beat is marked and receives a number of training teams.

In the part of the practice beat in Kulen Vakuf, the river Una is slightly wider with a depth of 0,5- 3 m, and is suitable for fishing with dry fly and nymph, and depending on the swarming time it is well hunted with a streamer. Training is held according to a fixed schedule.

Official practice beat «Jotani» Bihać

The Jotani training beat is located in Bihać city, only 1.300 m downstream from the center. This fly fishing beat is characterized by good access roads for the vehicles and beautiful river islands with accessible paths to training beat, both from the shores and from the islands to the water.

The practice beat itself is located on the left and right sides of the banks of the river Una, as well as part of the island, and because of the width of the river, it is characterized by larger surfaces suitable for treading. The depth of the river is 1-3 m and the beat is suitable for fishing.