President of the Executive Committee Aleksandar Kojić

Dear fishing friends,

Bosnia and Herzegovina have the exclusive honor to hostyou all this year at the 20th Cortland World Youth Fly Fishing Championships, from 16th until 23rd July of 2023.

Our host country has around 4 million people of different nationalities and religious beliefs, and consists of two entities (Federation of BiH, and Srpska ), and one district – Brcko.

We have organized many fishing events so far like for example:

  • 27th WFC 2007 Karaotok held in Hutovo Blato, Capljina in 2007
  • 16th European Championship in Flyfishing, held in Banjaluka in 2010.
  • 15th World Freshwater angling Championship for disabled persons , held in Čapljina in 2013.
  • 6th Veterans World Championship held in Karaotok,
  • 35th World Fly Fishing Championship 2015. held in Jajce,
  • 16. World Spin Championship 2018., held in Istocno Sarajevo.

All these manifestations mentioned above, that were held in our country, have received highest praises from the highest officials of these disciplines.

We wish you a very pleasant stay in our country and in our host city of Mostar. We hope you enjoy our fishing sites on rivers
Buna and Neretva.

We also hope you get to explore our beautiful country, landscapes and nature, and that you get to meet our people and learn about our culture and customs.

We wish you return to your homes with beautiful memories from your trip.

Finally, we wish you success at the competition and we salute you with our traditional fishermen greeting: Bistro!

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