General informations regarding unofficial training

National Park Una (Sectors A, B, C & D; Training beat „Una-Ostrovica“)

Aside from the Sectors marked for the 19th Cortland Youth fly fishing Championship in 2020, about which you can read in the Bulletin No. 1 that is published on WCh official web site, in the National park Una there are normally 6 beats (2 of them are only for FF), and 1 special beat on Unac river used for FF as well.

In the following text you will be provided with the informations about beats where only fly fishing method is in use, and those parts will be included in the official sectors designated for the Competition.

Prices for the fly fishing permits for the 2020 will be soon published on the official website of the National Park Una, more preciesly in the following link:

Fly fishing sectors in the area of the National park Una:

  • FF beat No.1 „Martin Brod“ (length 7 km) where fishing is done for sport and recreation purposes (only fly fishing), in 2020 fishing will be done in a period 1st of May – 1st of October (every day)
  • Special FF beat „Unac“ (length 1,0 km) which is incorporated in the sector 1. and in it is the area of Unac river. In 2020, fishing period is from 29th of February – 1st of October (every day) for trout and 1st of May – 1st of October for grayling (every day).
  • In FF beat No. 1B “Kulen Vakuf” (length 1,5 km) where the sport and recreation fishing activities are done only with the fly fishing method on 2020 fishing will be done in a period 1st of May-1st of October (every day), trout and grayling.

Sport fisherman’s Association “Una” Bihać (Sector E and Training beat “Jotani”)

  • Fishing beats on the river Una which are being managed by the Sport fisherman’s Association “Una” Bihać are opened in a period 29th of February – 1st of October every day (grayling 01st of May – 1st of October).


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