Sport Fishermen´s association ‘Una’ Bihać

Just like everywhere else in the world, where people have settled along the waters, since the time of prehistorical tribe Iapodians, fishing is a very traditional activity represented in the population that inhabits the area of Bihac, which remained expressed until today.

The Sport Fishermen´s association “Una” Bihac nourishes such tradition and manages its transition to modern challenges from the first time it was formed as an organized society in 1932 to modern days where fishing is considered as a relevant sport. It also manages part of the river Una in the area of municipality of Bihać and tributaries of river Una, with whole length of around 65 km.

From that date, many members passed through this association, and association has many stories of success from it's long tradition where it participated in numerous tournaments, championships, cups, etc.


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